Monday, 19 February 2018

New Arrivals : Feb 2018

This weekend bought lots of sunshine, loveliness with our favourite people and not least, some new, and re-stocked mini treasures over in the FLW shop miniatures department!

Just thought you should know.

There'll be some more newbies arriving in March, watch this space, or better yet, sign up to our newsletter for new and re-stock alerts!

Our personal fave, tasteful, pink Persian rug!

This play house is adorable, it comes ready built but is super easy to paint if you want to make it your own. 

Bare wood trestle tables - a firm favourite and back in stock!

Back in stock- Modern bed, comes with x 2 pillows and a yellow duvet. 

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

FLW Project: Ice Cream Retro TV Reno

Blank canvas, what was going to be the sunken lounge has taken a slightly different route...

Some of you may remember back in 2016 how I was going to renovate a retro TV case into a fabulous, midcentury mini space for an Instagram challenge, #dollhousetherapy ?

Well, not to make excuses or anything but we had 5 close friend and family weddings in just over 3 months so quite frankly there wasn't a lot of anything getting finished unless it was assembling cakes or fluffing a few hundred paper pom-poms. The TV has sat gathering dust ever since and to be honest I lost my enthusiasm for the midcentury theme, until now!

All it took was the endless, grey British Winter to have me craving an injection of colour, some fun, some joy! What could I draw on for this sad, old TV set that would kick off a bit of a creative spark?

Image: Property of Museum of IceCream

If you're on Instagram you'd be hard pushed to have missed this place.
It's a pure, unadulrated celebration of all things sweet, pink, delicious-ness and oh, so cool.
With locations in Miami, San Francisco, LA and NYC the Museum of Ice Cream has gained something of a cult following, fans flocking in their droves to get a taste of this immersive, AMAZING wonderland. 
I would definitely be one of them, alas, the Atlantic Ocean and a sad bank balance is something of a barrier, SO guess what's been installed in that empty shell of a TV?!
In the About section the MOIC state their belief that " - sprinkles make the world a better place.", I knew I had found my people, and a super fun, mini project. 

So without further ado, here's my homage to the Museum of Ice Cream, a work in progress but I wanted to show it off a little!
There's still some fine tuning with finishes to be done, thinking tiles area must and may re-think the back board, not loving the half height any more. Honestly I could play around with this for weeks, it's been really fun to work on something other than a standard doll's house. 

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for future TV set installs?

Thinking some pink tiles on the back wall are called for. (And a touch more painting and sanding!)

Let's all go swimming in sprinkles!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Etsy Valentine Wishlist

Nutella Breakfast board by NsyCreationsSay it with Nutella, or don't say it at all. 

Incase you hadn't noticed from the eruption of hearts and flowers out there, it's Valentine's day tomorrow.
It's easy to be cynical but I do love a little bit of love!

This year I have the added novelty of a real life boyfriend thrown into the mix, we're going OUT out. Traditionally this day has been reserved for M&S meal deals, a good rom-com and generally squeezing as many Bridget Jones cliche's as possible into the 24 hours, so it'll be interesting to see how a dinner reservation goes. Would a heart mani and a red jumpsuit be too much do you think?

Of course I couldn't let the day pass without checking out some of these fab, Valentine's miniatures.
Strictly speaking, they're not all Valentine themed, more tiny things that I love and adore, and would quite like to get my paws on.
Predictably, my eye has been drawn to baked goods with a tiny dash of Chanel thrown in for good measure.

Surprise Cake by Paris Miniatures
Have you ever seen anything so cute?!
You'd be forgiven for thinking I'm dropping not so subtle hints to the boy with this little wish list, though I can say with absolute certainty he won't be reading, so my advice ladies and gents, treat yo self!

Happy Valentines Day!

Heart Baking Pan by Mini Fanaberia
A real life version of these would be fab too. Heart shape food just tastes better doesn't it. 

Coco Chanel parcels by Philip NuveenI've had to stop looking at Philip's Etsy store this close to pay day, temptation is TOO MUCH. 
Valentine Marshmallows by NatAcademyI LOVE these, so cute, tiny and original. 

Monday, 22 January 2018

Mini Maker: Wickerville

Originally featured in December 2013 issue of Doll's House & Miniature Scene
Images property of Marie @ Wickerville

Today we meet the maker behind these stunning, wicker miniatures.

My first glimpse of Californian based, Wickerville ,was via Instagram, after oggling at various breathtaking photos’s the profile then lead me an Etsy store where my eyes were met with some of the most intricate, miniature wicker work I’ve had the pleasure to see in ages!
Of course the next logical step was to get in touch with Marie, the maker behind Wickerville , who was thrilled to share details of her miniatures and how her small scale enterprise came to be!

What came first for you, collecting or making miniatures?
'I started making miniature's 31 years ago when my daughter was two years old. I came across a dollhouse while out shopping one day and when it came time to furnish the dollhouse, it was hard to find items in the era I wanted to set it in, which was the Victorian.  What I did manage to find was very expensive at the time, so I decided to try and make some items myself, the rest is history!
I’ve been making pieces for Dollhouse Boutiques, Press and Museums. My pieces have been featured in local newspapers as well as Dollhouse and Victorian magazines.  I’ve done a few trade shows, but now I like to create at my own pace and have recently tapped into larger scale for dolls 8-10 inches." 

How long does it generally take to create a Wickerville piece?
"It ranges from 3-6 weeks. I like to give each piece  a lot of thought, each one has been carefully researched to its origin of time of the twentieth century, where I blend it with my own personal touch.  Also no two pieces are alike. I prefer to use old vintage materials and lace for the trimming. Many of which came from family heirlooms dating back over generations."

 What would be your dream Wickerville project ? (if you've not created it all ready!)

"I have created many items, including clothing, baby shoes, bouquets made from real flowers, frames with real antique family portraits. Whatever comes to mind I'm determined to create it, there is never an end to new designs. I'm always trying to find new inspiration everywhere. I don't have a particular goal or piece that I am aiming to create. My goal is to keep on creating for as long as I can. Hoping that people enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making them."

All aboard to Wickerville!
Be sure to visit Marie’s Etsy store at:

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Mini Maker : ChelseaMakes

The Amsterdam

I'm really excited to share this Mini Makers feature today!

Chelsea of ChelseaMakes kindly took some time out to talk tiny furniture and big plans for 2018.
If you're not already following on Instagram hop over immediately! 
Chelsea's Simplekits are super cool, laser cut, self assembly. I love the originality (and the packaging! LOVE the packaging!) and of course the unbearably cute side-kick, Martin the Hamster is along for the ride and a bit of product testing!

So, with out further ado, it's over to Chelsea!

"I’m Chelsea from ChelseaMakes. I’m a New York native who now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area of California with my fiancé Nick and our hamster Martin. 
By day I’m a Landscape Architect, and by night, a miniatures enthusiast and maker! Martin helps model all of my designs, and Nick helps with a little bit of everything. I couldn't do it without them."

What first drew you to working with miniatures?
"As a kid I loved miniatures, my friend and I would spend hours decorating and redesigning her dollhouse room by room. In high school, however, it wasn’t cool to be interested in miniatures and so my interest fell quiet for a while.

By trade, I’m a Landscape Architect. In college we often had to make physical scale models of the designs we were working on. That was when I remembered how much I LOVED miniatures. That was also when I discovered Laser cutting- the obsession that would carry over into ChelseaMakes and the Simplekits.

After college I moved to California from New York for work with Nick. Like any big change, it was scary, and the adjustment was depressing. I knew I needed help adapting. I really wanted to find a hobby that would help me ground myself- meet people, learn something new. That was when I got the flyer for TamMakers, a creative group and maker-space in town. I took my first woodworking class there and was hooked. I still teach the Laser cutting class there.
With only a 500sf apartment, the Bay Area doesn’t lend itself to being a great place for furniture building. That’s when I decided I would continue furniture making in 12 scale!
I bought a Glowforge brand laser cutter, and ChelseaMakes really got started. "

What is inspiring your projects currently?
"Simplekits are designed to be assembled by anyone, young or old. And what really inspires me is finding different ways to adapt the same principals of assembly. There’s no better guide than trial and error. "

The Tahoe

What would you love to see happen for ChelseaMakes in 2018? 
"In 2018 I’m hoping to get all of the Simplekit houses and furniture kits onto 
I really love them, and I hope everyone else does too."
Check out the cute packaging!

If you had to choose just one of your pieces, what is your favourite item to create? 
"I love making replicas of the furniture I actually have. One of the first minis I made was a replica of our Ikea Poang chair. That was my favorite for a long time. Right now my favorite item is the Moroccan pouf. My grandmother had two in her house and I absolutely loved them. If we had a bigger apartment I would have them everywhere. Since we don’t, I’ll just have settle for the 12scale version!"
Living Room Kit - Morrocan

Find Chelsea (and Martin!) on Instagram @ChelseaMakes
Shop Simplekits at

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Toys: Maileg SS18

Oh my goodness.

As you may already be aware, we became proud stockists of Danish brand, Maileg, last year.

I can not get enough of their products. If I had the space and ££ for the entire collection then we'd be in trouble.
You can imagine my joy when I clapped eyes on the new season stock.

Along with new little treasures there are some updated favourites, including the Happy Camper Tent in a fresh, zingy green!

Still choosing our new season faves for FLW but would you just get a load of these cuties?!
The wedding mice currently have my whole heart.

What do you think?!